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Terms of service

Terms of Service


Independent PMI-Powerline Distributor owns and operates this site. As a visitor of our site and user of the provided services, resources, information, products and tools, you acknowledge and will stick to the terms and conditions of the policy that is stated below (also known as the "User Agreement"). In addition, you will acknowledge and adhere to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy as well (which can be accessed below).

As of January 01, 2016 this agreement is in effect.

It is our right to chase the User Agreement at anytime without notice. As a visitor and user, you understand and accept the responsibility of reviewing it occasionally to stay up to date with our policies. Any further use after any modifications will be considered as understand and adherence to the revised terms and conditions.

Responsible Use and Conduct
Visitation of our site and the utilization of our services, resources, information, products and tools provided, directly or indirectly (also referred as 'Resources'), will be an agreement to uses the Resources solely for the reasons proposed as stated in the a) User Agreement, b) regulations, applicable laws and adequate online practices and procedure.

As a visitor and user, you understand and adhere to the following:

A. Certain personal information (i.e. contact details, ID, etc.) may be required to access our resources for the use of completing the registration procedure and/or gaining the facility to utilize the Resources. You concur to provide correct, true, and the latest information.
B. Keeping the privacy of login information related to any account used to approach our Resources is your responsibility. You are also responsible for activities executed in your account(s).
C. Accessing, or trying to reach out, our Resources through non permitted means is prohibited. You agree to not access our Resources via any programmed, unethical, or uncustomary means.
D. Disruptive activities or any that interferes with our servers, networks, or anything pertaining to our Resources, including the Resources themselves, is prohibited.
E. Any attempts of piracy, such as copying, duplicating, reproducing selling, trading, or resells is prohibited.
F. Any losses, damages or consequences that are a direct or indirect result of activities not permitted, such as those described above, you are solely responsible for and may face civil or unlawful responsibility.
G. Since posts, comments, etc. posted through various open communications tools we provide (i.e. Blog posts, product ratings, blog comments, forums, and review, etc.) are not pre-screen or monitored, it is your liability to utilize these tools in ethical behaviors and thoughtfully. By using these various communication tools, you agree to not share post, or distribute the following:

i. Content that is unlawful, intimidating, offensive, defamatory, harassing, humiliating, misleading, fake, racists, invasive, suggestive, unsuitable, or explicit in manner and/or in language;
ii. Content that violates the law of rights of any copyright, brand name, trade secret or any other proprietary rights;
iii. Content that contains any form of illegal or voluntary publicity;
iv. Content that impersonates employees, representatives, or any other person or entity.

We own the exclusive right under our discretion to delete content that seem to comply to our User Agreement, including any other posts, shares, etc. that we find to be distasteful, unsafe, offensive, incorrect, or is violating 3rd party trademarks or copyrights. Any interruption or failure to remove such content is not our responsibility. If we so happen to remove content that you have post, you give us consent to perform the removal and the permission to put aside any claim against us.

H. We are not liable for any 3rd party content posted on the site by you or any other person or entity. However, we do own any content posted on our site through open communication tools, as long as it does not violate any 3rd party copyright or trademarks. As our property, we have the royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, and exclusive right and license to duplicate, change, translate, adapt, issue, distribute, or publicly display. These statements do not refer and apply to data that is supplied during the registration procedure. The information given through the registration procedure is protected by our privacy policy.
I. You hereby agree to hold the site, affiliates, the parent company and agents, managers, employees, officers, donors, directors, and licensors harmless from and agains any and all losses, damages, expenses and costs, which include reasonable attorney's fees, which result from any breach of this User Agreement or failing to complete any obligation relating to you account carried out by you or any other person that uses your account. We have the right to defeat the special protection of any claim which entitles us to indemnification in this User Agreement. You shall cooperate with us under reasonable request should such a situation arise.

Your privacy is important to use, therefore we created a privacy policy that explains how we gather, supervise, practice, store, and secure your confidential information. The privacy policy is embedded in the User Agreement. To review our privacy policy, click here.

Limitation of Warranties
Use of this site sowed that you be in agreement that all Resources we supply are "as available" and "as is". This declaration means that we do not guarantee or advertise that the use of our Resources
I) will fulfill your requirements or expectations.
II) will be continuous, appropriate, protected, or free from faults.
III) will guarantee that the information attained is correct or steadfast, and
IV) will guarantee that defects in process or functionality will be fixed or truthful.

Additionally, you recognize and agree too the following:

V) That you are downloading content, obtain through our Resources, at your own risk and discretion, and you will take responsibility for damages to your data devices and any loss of information.
VI) There is no warranty, guarantee, or condition for any advice articulated or information, implied, written or oral found or obtained through our Resources and/or on this site, excluding the information from the User Agreement.

Limitation of Liability
In regards to the restrictions of Warrants, you acknowledge, understand, and adhere that any claim in opposition to us shall be limited to the amount you compensated to utilize our services and/or products. We will not take liability for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, ideal loss or damage which possibly the result of you using our Resources or due to any changes, cancellation, corruption, data loss or loss of access, or downtime to the complete degree that valid restriction of responsibility of the laws pertain.

All materials and content obtainable on the site (i.e. Graphics, code, website name, text, etc.) are the intellectual belongings of the website and are under the protection of the valid patent and trademark act. Any unfortunate application (i.e. Distribution, reproduction, transmission or display of content) on this site is prohibited, unless authorized by the site.

Termination of Use
You concur and adhere to our right to postpone or finish you access to every parts of the site and our Resources with or without informing and at our discretion. We may do so for any cause, together with breach of this User Agreement. Any suspended illegal, fraudulent, abusive, or other unethical activity is a proof for ceasing your association and perhaps deemed necessary to notify law enforcement establishments. Once suspended or execution, your rights to site and its Resources are terminated as well, and we may remove any information that we may have on file, including account and login information, at our discretion.

Governing Law
Our site can be availed by many countries of the world. Accessing our site will be an agreement to the decrees and rules to our state, without regard to the disagreement of laws the International Sales of Goods and United Nation Convention on the will be valid to all forms of usage of the site and any buy of any services or products from the site.

Additionally, all cases in relation to the user Agreement shall be carried to state or federal courts. You adhere and agree to individual control by such courts and not claim any jurisdictional setting or any unfortunate forum objections to such courts.


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